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I am on my 2nd script of lidocaine patches.The first were white and incredible, sticky wonderful patches that stayed on for the full 12 hour dose.

The new one is their patch, it's brown flimsy and won't stick for even 5 minutes. I usually end up wasting 4 band aids trying to make it stay on but it's still not flat on my skin so the lidocaine is not providing the medication it's designed for. I'm so disappointed in their product. Was it not tested?

How can they send this to consumers? It's worthless and I wasted so much money on it and now I have to wait until ail of the crappy ones are gone before I can request a refill and pray it's not made by their manufacturing companies. I recommend they go back to the drawing board on this one.

I just wanted to let people know how poorly made their product is.I hurt so bad and I can't even use my medicine for relief.

Marshabrown70 wrote the review because of damaged or defective at Mylan and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $178 and wants Mylan to "quality product that helps my pain. patches that stick".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Fairfield, Ohio, United States #1323805

I am also on my 2nd round of patches the first ones I got were awesome, stuck right away.Sometimes I would forget they were on my back.

We're my first ones made by the same people and they just decided to cut corners.

Why pay that price if they won't stick.#frustrated

Jefferson, Georgia, United States #1206861

I totally agree with you. These patches are useless. Can't believe they are allowed to market these.


These patches do not work at all.I tried several times, even constantly pressing my hand on it to ensure contact with my "clean, dry, unlotioned" etc skin.

Presently CVS only stocks Mylan. So I was unable to trade my POS patches for some that work. They suggested i contact the manufacturer. They sent CVS 30 more patches to compensate them so I could get my HSA money back.

CVS said they could not give me my money back, and the patches had my name on it. So now I have 30 more of these things.

I didn't spend a ton as I only purchased 10, but the very idea that all of these patients who fill at CVS have no recourse makes me one pissedconsumer.Dot com.


I have been using lidocaine patches for years and they have been miraculous in relieving my pain.About 2 months ago my pharmacy filled my prescription with the mylar patches and they were horrible.

I brought them back and the pharmacy ordered the regulargest ones for me. They took back the unopened boxes and exchanged them for the good ones. They told me that I juse need to let them know a few days before I need them, so they could order them.

So you can get your old lidocaine patches, just speak to your pharmacist.Good luck.


I agree. They are junk! They do not stick.

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