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I have been getting my 5% Lidocaine patches, made by Qualitest; from Rite Aid Pharmacy for years. The other day I received my new supply of patches they were made by MYLAN. These patches are absolute junk!

They are made of this thin plastic film, which with my RA is so aggravating to separate/ As they are cut squares of plastic, there is no edge to grab, you need to try to separate them, which is hard to say the lest. Once you do separate, then you need to stick it to your body. If they had made it as a BAND-AID, they would stick great. But no, they curl, peal back at the corners and eventually fall off! I have to tape them on my body, sad. The plastic is so thin, it must have cost almost a penny a sheet. As I get thirty pads a month, a thirty day supply costs $375.00. I'm sure the Qualitest patches must have cost a nickel!

What greed, and the funny things is, it's still not enough for them!

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Ask your pharmacist to fill only with Qualitest patches. My pharmacy has to order them, but the others are such junk, I’m willing to wait it out


I get the original endo brand not generic they are the best do you need some?


Endo patches are the best but my insurance which to Mylan that are thiner than a credit card.Even a credit card seems thicker.

Doesn't even look like there is any pain potency applied whatsoever. Cannot separate it or apply it. We shouldn't even have to tape them at all.

How can we get Endo patches instead of Mylan?Mylan patches are cheap junk and a rip off.


Mylan products are, from a rep, who told me their products are only 50% the dosage.


Endo patches are the best. The Mylan patches are a joke. Thank you FDA for not doing your job!


I also got some of the Lidocaine 5% patches from my pharmacy by Mylan, they are horrible.They will not stick to the skin and they roll at the edges and just fall off.

They are nearly impossible to peal the plastic off to even try and adhere it to the skin. I had to tape it on and even then I didn't get hardly any pain relief. These patches are terrible.

I tried to find a phone number to complain to the company but they didn't have a customer service complaint dept.These patches are useless.

to Ruth Baker #1410898

This is Mylan’s USA office phone number in New Jersey: 1-866-736-8798


I am having the same problem. For years I have gotten the Qualitest Lidocaine patches and they worked and were not difficult to use.

Now I am sent these "things" from Mylan and they do NOT deliver the same dosage I don't care what you claim. They are also VERY difficult to use AND do not stay on.

They are a HUGE disappointment.

I will be contacting the VA and putting in a written request to change back to Qualitest where we are actually getting usable medication.


Use to get the good lidocaine patches from the VA.Now I get these cheap bastards.

The don't stay on long. But I have to admit when they stay on for their short time. They do help.

What I do is add tape to the sides to help it stay on.Pain in the butt

Clinton, Missouri, United States #1351995

I agree with the entire statement. The patch also is not effective if you do get it on and I really don't believe there is medication on it.

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